Hi, my name is Andrey,

The best memories from my childhood are me and my father sitting together night after night, in our homemade darkroom, developing 35mm films. Photography has been my passion since I was a kid and it has been growing with me all my life. My belief is that every person is unique and wonderful, and I love capturing unique personalities through beautiful photography. My true passion is photographing people, I love the personal connection that comes with my work and the honour it is of being part of somebody’s shoot.
I specialise in Family Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Newborn and Toddler Portraits, this can be done on location or in the comfort of your home. I am equipped with professional gear and studio lighting, so your family portraits can be taken in the comfort of your own home but have the professional finish.
If you were to ask though, I’d have to say that I prefer to using natural lighting where possible. I think natural is beautiful.  Once of the most exciting parts of my work is the ability to explore creative ideas and do things a little differently. I alway encourage my clients not to be shy, our comman goal is to make sure you are happy with your photoshoot. So I always encourage my clients to speak up if they have an image in there head, they hope to have captured! However, if you are in doubt or need inspitiation, please check my blog page for some ideas!
If you are considering planning you wedding abroad, I can cater for this too, so feel free to get in contact.
I would like to thank you for spending your time looking through my work. I feel privileged to be involved with and document some of the most special days of people lives. It’s your day and I’d love to be involved, so please feel free to give me a shout.
Sincerely yours Andrey.